Sensory  neurons are somatic afferent neurons that conduct impulses initiated in receptors in the skin, skeletal muscles, tendons, & joints. Receptors in the skin are responsible for sensing such things as touch, temperature, pressure, & pain and are called exteroceptors. Receptors in the skeletal muscles, tendons, & joints provide information about body position & movement and are called proprioceptors. Somatic afferent neurons are unipolar neurons that enter the spinal cord through the dorsal root & their cell bodies are located in the dorsal root ganglia.

  • Cell body located in PNS
  • Transmit electrical signals from tissues to CNS
  • Sensory receptors detect changes in environment (stimuli) and relay information to controller (integrating center-CNS)
  • Dendrites = sensory receptors
  • Unipolar

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